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Ardell Hill

Are you craving a deeply relaxing Hot Stone massage?

  Looking for Thermography services?

Searching for an Experienced and Well Educated practitioner?

Ardell Hill is an extremely educated and accomplished therapist.

 Her background is extensive and includes experience as

Massage Therapist
 Reiki & Cranial-Sacral
 LaStone Therapist

 Ardell is dedicated to her own growth as a therapist and continually strives to increase her knowledge in order to better serve her clientele.

When Ardell is not on the teaching circuit, she can be found providing exceptional bodywork and Thermography sessions.

 Regulation Thermography is state of the art detection for blockages in the body which could lead to breast cancer and other dis-eases. 

Once these blockages are detected, the information can be used to develop a detoxification program to restore balance within the body.

You will feel at ease immediately when you are in Ardell's

Her caring nature is apparent to everyone she meets!

To schedule a consultation or an appointment with Ardell, please contact her at:

(831) 238-1652

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